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Global Day Of Coderetreat 2023 – Wroclaw, Poland

4. November @ 09:00 17:00

This is a 1-day event being held simultaneously all around the world. A Coderetreat is a full-day hands-on coding workshop focused on the fundamentals of software development, design, and communication. During the day, you get multiple chances to try something completely different. You have the opportunity to learn new ways of testing, paradigms, architecture styles, libraries, approaches, languages, or IDEs.

We welcome contributors from all walks of life. We believe that more perspectives lead to more insights and helps us to discover different approaches.
This event will be held in an inclusive and safe environment. By joining this event, you agree to our values.

We welcome people of all experience levels, from all the disciplines related to software development, e.g. Testers, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners. Even if you don’t code daily, our experience is that you usually learn a lot!

We will be running the event in English as this is a global event, and we might interact with our groups across the globe during the course of the day.

The unique Coderetreat format eliminates the pressure of ‘getting things done’ and focuses on practicing fundamental principles of good design. The workshop is split into 45 min. sessions. TDD, pair programming, and clean code will be practiced throughout the day. Most sessions will have additional constraints to present new challenges and encourage you to leave your comfort zone.

@ Ocado Technology, Szewska 8 · Wrocław

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