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Leadership Coaching

Let´s take your Leadership skills to the next Level!

We help you with our Leadership Coaching


  • Understanding the vision & mission
  • Strategic planning
  • Innovation
  • Problem / project / product management
  • Delegation & Leadership styles
  • Time management, Stress management & Risk management

Team building

  • Recruitment & Turnover management
  • Team identity & values
  • Motivation / Human drives
  • Team morale / Team happiness
  • Continuous learning & bus factor
  • Cultural sensitivity and diversity

Change management

  • Decision making
  • Stakeholders involvement
  • Effective communication & feedback
  • Successful Confrontation (NVC)
  • Metrics

Methods and frameworks

  • OKR using A3 process
  • Powerful presentations
  • Build structures so that teams can work independently
  • Powerful meetings
  • Kaizen approach

Our coaching program is designed to help you make changes from the very first session. We offer personalised action plans & access to experienced coaches.


  • Enhance effectiveness by improving communication skills
  • Strengthen leadership skills to inspire organisational change
  • Improve the Team Identity by creating space for exchange and reflection
  • Learn how to continuously develop yourself

Coaching Infos

  • Remote
  • We offer the coaching in German, English, Polish & French

Through the coaching program, you can improve your leadership abilities, strengthen communication skills, handle conflicts effectively, and foster innovation. You will become a more effective leader able to shape and impact your teams and the organization as a whole!

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Our customers include


Alexander Boden

Business Management Consultant with strong skills in Lean-Agile Coaching and Product Development.

I have extensive business, project management, and technical experience in various startups and listed companies. I have a passion for helping grow self-organized teams within organizations!

  • Ability to operate in a strategic or operational role
  • Several years experience in startups with various roles and responsibilities
  • I can sell products…!
  • Introducing lean-agile thinking and methods to companies (Lean, Agile, Scrum, BMG)

Andrzej Klose

Agile Coach, entrepreneur and business owner, e-MBA, CSD®, CSM®, CSPO®, CLE®.

“I’m driven by a continuous passion for people development. I firmly believe that true success isn’t solely dictated by methodology but by every team member’s shared ownership of common goals. This foundation leads to thriving organizations and successful transformations.”

  • Over 20 years of professional experience in the modern business world
  • Facilitating deep organizational transformations for businesses
  • Extensive experience in applying a diverse range of project methodologies, from traditional waterfall to the most agile approaches
  • Business trainer, coach, speaker and lecturer


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